Debating buttons

I'm knitting a classic long thick cardigan/jacket in Cascade Eco+ and I love it. Both the yarn and the style of the garment is very nice and by knitting it up I get to take a lot of yarn out of my stash as the giant 250g skeins take up a lot of space. But it needs buttons and here comes my dilemma: what kind?

I new I wanted some great buttons, but define great. I also new I wanted to support my mum's LYS. Sadly it doesn't have very many buttons (it opened in the current space in March) and what it had was small ones and I needed bigger ones.
When we entered the store, the first thing I laid eyes on were amazing hand made buttons in all shapes and sizes, made by a Dane. And I fell in love with some pretty ones, but didn't bring any money because I knew, I would be tempted by the yarn. So I put the buttons on hold and will go get them tomorrow.
I get to support my favourite yarn store and an independent Danish, craftswoman while getting a unique hand made product. This is a win-win situation.


Getting back into knitting

I love to knit, but in the past month or so I haven't had the urge to pick up my needles. I have missed the calm mind knitting gives me, the relaxation of the repetative motion, but I didn't want to knit. I felt stuck. At my not so local LYS, there was so much lovely yarn and a wonderful shawl kit that I would love to knit and have. You see the trouble is that my style has changed. My view on knitting and it's role in my wardrobe has changed. I don't like homemade, but I love handmade. Some of the yarn I have is from my mum's stash, I  figured I would find something to make with it. Some of my yarn is so old I don't really care for it at all anymore. And then there is the projects I'm currently working on. Two are very involved with charts and cables, one is too big to haul around, one is just due to be finished

I don't want to buy any new yarn before I finish knitting up my stash, call me weird, because I am. I don't want to have a stash. I don't want to have boxes of yarn in my basement.  What I own should not decide what I can make, my imagination and inspiration of the moment should decide that.

Next I took a look at Ravelry. I only have 10 entries in my stash. I know I have more yarn than that, because some was never put in, but still, 10 entries. That is completely managable.
So last night I picked up my man's christmas socks. Both only needed the toe to be done. And I started knitting. I had to rip back 4 times, because I wasn't reading the pattern carefully, but at the end of the evening, I had a pair of socks done and a handmade christmas present to put in a drawer.
Today I picked up the left over yarn and started knitting squares for my John 6:12 blanket.
I want to get to the point where I have no stash at all so badly (and then tackle my major fibre stash) and the only way I can get there is by actually knitting.

How do you feel about stashes? and what kind of stashes do you have?