A growing handmade wardrobe

My dream has been a handmade wardrobe for a long time and while I'm still a far cry from where I want to be, I am getting closer. I, however, have no idea how many handmade items I have at this point so I thought an inventory was due.

My recently finished linen skirt, now with an elastic band at the waist.

The Insouciant, in linen

Fionas frakke, a wool coat

Beatnik, possibly my favourite sweater

Cecilia, lace blouse

Topstykke, linen dress 

Buttercup dress in linen

Cabled vest I never wear..

Coral in linen, so loved I'm considering making another one.

A cardigan made for me by my mum

A cape my mum made for me out of stashed leftovers

This shirt was my birthday present last year (pattern and fabric)

These pants are the ones I refashioned from the jumpsuit I originally made.  
Whew, are you still there? If so you have just looked through 14 pieces of handmade clothes. What's next? Well I've started the knit pants and I want another cardigan, but it should be long and I want a few more tops and then I really have to make some new socks, because you might remember the state of my socks...
Are you working towards a handmade wardrobe?

Baby knitting

Remember when I got the baby knitting book? I hadn't imagined that my stash would actually grow from this stash busting measure, but who cares, right? I've finished 2 projects from the book so far and have a 3rd on the needles.

Mittens - size 0-3 months

Pants - size 0-3 months

Vest - size 0-3 months
The vest above is supposed to end up looking like this one..

Isn't that a sweet little vest? And yes, those are the pants I have already finished. Now I'm just praying that I have enough yarn left to complete the vest, I've knitted 1/4 of the vest and used 1/4 of my yarn so here is to hoping!

I'm home...

... and I miss the breath taking nature of the island already. So I decided to share it with you.

Playing some more with pens

These 4 little cards are the results of yesterday's playtime with black pens on paper.

The text is from a children's song and says: You can't see the wind. 

Black pen on paper

I had fun last night with a black pen and a piece of paper. I have never been good at drawing, but this style is appealing to me. I must admit that I do not care much about the result, it's the process I enjoy, but I am considering getting some white cards so that my drawings can turn into something useful.

Proof of the skirt

The skirt is finally done. I'm not sure it is okay to say finally really. I had expected this skirt to take forever, but in reality it took just over 2 months to knit. It is made in Karen Noe Linea, which is a linen cotton blend. I love knitting with it and have made 3 items in it now.

Do you ever get the sense that a blogger is just writing about something they 'do' instead of actually doing it? I sometimes feel that way when there are no pictures. Well, I would never do that here, as it sort of defeats the purpose of the blog. So here you have it, proof that I did in fact knit the skirt I have been telling you about.

it was this picture or no picture!
Now remember those cute baby mittens from the other day? Here is a reminder..

They are just so cute! I decided to cast on for them as I wanted a short project before I cast on for the pants. And it is living up to my hopes as the first one was done last night.

What are you knitting?