Giveaway winners

This is one of those things that always brings a smile to my face, announcing the giveaway winners.

Can I get a drumroll please... No? okay then we'll do without one...
The winners of the Dogyarns pattern giveaway is:

Christina, who have won the Southern Belle Socks


Catherine, who have won the Braided Gems  Reversible Mitts

Please contact Elizabeth on Ravelry (Dogyarns) to recieve your prize!

Make do and mend

First off, let me excuse the poor quality of these pictures below. Our camera is currently on a plane with my man making its way from Barcelona to Copenhagen.

With the dark nights growing longer it was time to do some of the mending I have been putting off. We don't mend all our cloths, some thing are discarded as they get stained and torn, but some are worth my time. Among those are especially bras and of course knits, even commercial knits.

This particular bra had already been mended before...

The other item that needed mending was my man's sweater:

He tore a hole in it helping a friend move.

I'm getting better at mending everytime I do it, so good in fact that I could hardly find my mend when I was ready to take a picture of it..

Are there things you mend? Do you mend everything or do you darn the Yarn Harlot way, i.e. holding your socks over the bin letting them go as you say 'darn'?

New things

This week has brough in lots of new things.

- A new calendar, the same as the past two years because after searching high and low I finally found one that fits my life just right.

January, I'm ready for you!

- 3 skeins of Arwetta, the best sock yarn I have ever knitted with. Enough to make me two pairs of socks.

How I love gray.

- A new WIP, as I finally got the pattern for the scarf I promised to knit for my mum from the yarn I spun for her.

- All of the items from this list have been purchased and I'm already enjoying them immensely.

The krenit bowl

- Two of the books have already arrieved and I can't wait to read them. Good thing we are coming up on long dark nights perfect for some comfort reading.

Remember to enter the giveaway for two Dogyarn patterns, there will be two lucky winners!