A peak of something new...

Here is a small peak at something new I'm working on...  (It turned into this)

And the strangest snow pattern on a lamp post I've ever seen.

Enjoy your day  -  I sure am enjoying mine.

Frogpond visit and full needles

Doing things intentionally means getting some things done, that I've wanted to do for a long time. One of those things were frogging a beautiful, but not at all functional hood and mitten set my mum had made me. You see the yarn is Manos Del Uruguay and much too good to be sitting at the bottom of our  outerwear bin. So last night I sat down and transformed this...

into this...

Then I asked on social medias what I should do with the yarn and the answer was overwhelmingly 'Make  a cowl'. Which means that I'm now pondering cowl designs... However it will be a while before I will be knitting a cowl out of this. At the moment I'm working up a storm on my mum's scarf and have just over 90cm of the 2m she wants done. Then my man has asked for mittens, which will be done by next winter I hope and my dad asked for new socks. I also have a dress on the needles for me and plans for a couple of other things for me. 

I do not like having so much on the go at once, which is why I am working exclusively on the shawl for my mum, mostly because it is made out of my own handspun and I adore working with the yarn. The scarf is working up so soft and the pattern shows really well. 

What are you working on at the moment?