Easter '14 was...

...plenty of time spent with our families enjoying the good weather.

... an abundance of farm fresh eggs.

... small tokens, hopefully conveying all the love we feel for people.

... hours upon hours spent in the green house, watching the grape vine bud and soaking up the sun.

... not to mention all the kitty time, naps and snuggles.

Flat dreams

One day we will live in a flat with more than one room and that day will be a glorious one. Here are some of the items that I dream about, but just don't have room for.

This is a poster of our beloved island, made with the names of the towns. 
This is my dream couch. My man's dream couch costs about 30.000DKK more than this one... 
Frankly, I just long for the day when our couch is only for sitting and napping, 
not for actual sleeping during the night. 
The famous Lyngby vase in all its beauty. 
Unfortunatly, my man doesn't like it, so this one might stay a dream forever. 


Children or no children, this sheep would be the perfect addition to our home. 

I would place it next to my wheel and knitting basket, for a full circle.

Is there something you would love to add to your home?

Study buddy

Study buddies, you either hate them or love them, right?!
I've been lucky with almost every single one I've ever had. They knew how to motivate me, when to work hard and when a little goofing off was in place.
But every now and then you run into someone, where you seriously question if they have your best at heart or even their best.
You know the kind of study buddy, who seems to always get in the way of you doing any real work...

Did you need this?
And the kind that somehow get you to do all the hard work for them...

You write, I nap, okay?! 
Oh well, I guess I had it coming, I have after all known this one for almost 16 years and it is always the same...

Knitting and learning

These days there is a lot of learning going on around here. We are nearing the middle of the semester and there is plenty to do and read on a daily basis. However, my dad's socks don't just make for great train knitting, they double as perfect break knitting. And on days where the motivation is lacking a little I read x and then get to knit x rounds as a reward - a system thet has proven very productive.

But school related learning is not the only learning that is happening. I had asked on a group for designers on Ravelry about a certain designing class on Craftsy - was it worth the money? Almost everybody said yes! So I decided to hold out for a sale and see if it was more within my budget then.
Out of the blue, an incredibly generous person contacted me, wanting to gift me the class. Can you believe how kind strangers can be?! I'm feeling blessed and have already gone through the first two lessons and learned a great deal. I can't wait to apply all this new knowledge to the design I'm working on.

And wouldn't you know it, my dad's socks make the perfect knitting for these lesson as well, so far at least. 

Leverpostej - Liver pâtés

People often say they don't like liver. I wholeheartedly believe that most of them just haven't tasted it preparred porperly. Almost every Danish child (and adults) love a good 'leverpostejsmad' (Liver pâté on rye bread). Naturally the ones you can buy holds nothing to the homemade kind. As I'm a huge fan of eating offal, I will share with you the recipe we use. 

You will need (for 2 pâtes): 
300g chopped pig's liver*
60g pig fat/lard
grated onions to taste (we use two whole onions, the recipe calls for 1tbsp)
1 egg white
2 dl cream
1/2 dl milk
1/4 tsp allspice
1/4 tbs marjoram
1 tsp salt
1/4 tbs pepper
2 forms

(I'm sorry but you'll have to look up the conversions yourself)

Turn your oven on at 200C and follow the steps below.

Grate the onions

separate the egg 

Add it to the liver and lard

Add the milk and cream

Add the seasoning

Mix it well

Pour the mixture into the form

You can freeze it at this point

Or bake it in a waterbath 

At 200C for 45-55 min. 

All done and ready to serve

Sourdough rye bread, pickled beets and liver pâtes,
all homemade makes for a perfect lunch.
*Do not use liver from cows. There are much better ways to eat those.

If you make this or know of other delicious ways to eat liver and other offal, then please leave a comment and let us all know.

Celebrations all around (and a discount coupon)

::sings:: ...Celebrate good times come on...duh du duh du du du duuuu...

Someone downloads one of my patterns every day, some days see a lot of downloads, others just one, but it happens pretty much every. single. day. The thought of this amazes me.
Monday will mark the end of my first year working on this micro business, do you remember how excited I was to reveal the secret?

What a year it has been. I'm at 1000+ unique downloads of my patterns, and I'm thankful for every one of them.
One year ago I couldn't imagine making $10-20 from my designs. I've made a good deal more than that this year, which means that new goals/dreams have been set for the next year and I'm so excited to see where this road will lead me.

But wait, there is more... SIMPLE WITH A TWIST has been selected as a pattern option for the  Beginner's Knit-Along April Cable KAL. I feel so honoured, that they included the pattern, even though it's a pay for pattern. So to celebrate I offered them a 10% discount valid for all my patterns.
And since I'm in the mood for celebrations I though I would share it with you as well.

For 10% off any pattern April 1st-30th 2014
use the coupon code