I'm Pia, the gal behind Noget Uldent.

Let me ask YOU a question before I start telling you about me:

When was the first time you held a pair of KNITTING NEEDLES in your hands and formed your first wonky stitches?
Most people remember that moment, because it's a significant moment. I have no recollection of it at all. That’s because it’s been 20+ years since I learned to knit. 
I must be oooold then, right?! In order to have that many years under my belt as a knitter.. Not quite, I’m an old soul in a twenty-something body. My maternal grandmother taught me to knit long before I went to school and I simply haven’t stopped since

I fill my days with my four PASSIONS: family, theology, knitting and food, not necessarily in that order. I’m a full time theology student, hold 2 part time jobs and then I have this micro business designing knitwear patterns. Micro is the proper word for my business, some would call it an unprofitable hobby, but they must be the glass-half-empty kind of people. 

IN MY DREAMS I can eat all the cake I want, knit and write patterns half of the working week and spend the other half buried in dusty old books researching the Church History of China. My Chinese is a little rusty, but not bad at all, considering that it’s only one of the eight languages I have learned (yeah, I'm a geek). My mother tongue is Danish, which would explain why you may have no clue what the name of my business means. NOGET ULDENT means something woollen, but it can also mean something not quite right, as in there is something woollen about this deal, I wonder if it can really be true. 

THIS BLOG is where I share my journey into the world of designing with you. My goal is to provide an honest look into the ups and downs, that shape my designs. If I can help you get past a hurdle easier I’ll be thrilled, if I can only make you laugh from my misfortunes, I’ll be happy to provide you with some entertainment. 

I’m quite friendly so don’t be afraid to say hello and let me know what you have on your mind.  

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My cat likes something woollen as well. 

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